These are a few of the topics I've been working on lately.

Open source ecosystem & sustainability

Wherever you stand in the ISV/MSP/licensing/sustainability debate, I believe open source sustainability is a global debate. In 2019, I identified a few elements that are missing in the conversation: incidence of "income inequality" problem, definition and negative influence of "freeloaders", role of "codes of conduct", and differences between "recognition" and "survivability".

Open source software supply chain security

I've built Linux distributions of various sizes, from a consumer-focused one that has millions of end users to custom-built Linux desktop distros for the Enterprise. Nowadays, I focus on researching how distro package management and distro release cadence and security are relevant to the open source software supply chain problem.

Articles and presentations

Most of my writing lives in GitHub Gists or DEV/bureado. I have presented at several open source-focused conferences from Argentina to Tunisia, with slides often available in Speaker Deck. Here's some of my recent work: