José Miguel Parrella

About me

Like many open source enthusiasts, my journey began 20 years ago with Mozilla and Wikipedia. Perl and Linux followed shortly after, getting involved with the Debian Project for over 10 years now.

During that time, I’ve helped organize open source communities, advised governments, debated standards, built teams and architected open source-based solutions using the Linux operating system not only in Venezuela but across the region.

I’ve been involved in Microsoft’s open source journey since I joined in 2010. I focus on Linux and open source ecosystem in the Azure R&D organization. Before Microsoft, I helped expand an open source consulting firm as CTO, was member of the technical staff at an electric utility and led many large scale Linux-based projects as independent consultant.

At Microsoft, I’ve been fortunate to be part of the many public launches and announcements related to Linux and open source in recent history, and the many more internal shifts through my work in cultural, business, readiness and technical initiatives from Redmond to Tel Aviv, Bangalore or Paris.

I grew up in Caracas, Venezuela. I live in the Seattle area with a family of American, Spanish (Catalonian) and Venezuelan heritage. We enjoy all kinds of travel, reading, writing and cooking.

My personal opinions don’t represent the position of any current or past organizations or employers.