José Miguel Parrella

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About me

Open source has been part of my life for 15+ years. I’ve advised governments and organizations of all sizes and have been an open source advocate and community builder in several countries.

I’ve been involved with the Debian Project for 10+ years, and have been a Debian Developer for most of that time. I’m not actively maintaining packages today.

I’ve built Linux distributions of various sizes, including a consumer-focused one that has millions of end users. I’m also known for my work with open source at Microsoft, where I’ve led numerous cultural, business, training and technical initiatives around Linux and open source technologies.

I live in Seattle (United States) with my family and dog and have previously lived in Quito (Ecuador) and Caracas (Venezuela). My heritage is Spanish (Catalonian) and Venezuelan. We enjoy all kinds of travel, reading, writing and cooking. You can find me as KG7EZB on the waves.